May 27, 2024

Practice Areas

Walsh Law, P.C. provides services concerning the following areas of law:

Advance Medical Directive
Adverse Possession
Anatomical Gift
Appellate – Civil
Appellate – Probate
Beneficiary Designation
Beneficiaries Dispute
Boundary Dispute
Business Dispute
Charitable Organization
Choice of Entity
Civil Appeal
Civil Litigation
Civil Trial
Commercial Litigation
Construction Litigation
Contested Trust
Contested Will
Contract Dispute
Contractual Obligation
Corporation, Corporate
Coverage Counsel
Dispute Resolution
Eminent Domain
Entity Formation and Operation
Estate and Gift Tax Planning
Estate Litigation
Estate Planning
Estate Tax
Exempt Organization
Exempt Organization Litigation
Family Limited Liability Limited Partnership
Family Limited Liability Partnership
Family Partnership
Gift Tax
Healthcare Power of Attorney
IRC § 501(c)(3) Organization – Charitable, Educational, Scientific, Religious, Literary
IRC § 501(c)(4) Organization – Social Welfare, Civic
IRC § 501(c)(6) Organization – Business, Commerce, Trade
Irrevocable Trust
Landlord And Tenant
Limited Liability Company
Limited Liability Limited Partnership
Limited Liability Partnership
Litigation – Civil
Litigation – Commercial
Litigation – Estate
Litigation – Exempt Organization
Litigation – Nonprofit Organization
Litigation – Probate
Litigation – Trust
Living Trust
Living Will
Marital Agreement
Mechanic’s Lien
Medical Directive
Medical Power of Attorney
Nonprofit Foundation
Nonprofit Litigation
Nonprofit Operation
Nonprofit Organization
Post-Nuptial Agreements
Power of Attorney
Prenuptial Agreements
Probate Appeal
Probate Litigation
Probate Trial
Quiet Title
Real Estate Litigation
Real Property Dispute
Revocable Trust
Special Needs Trust
Tax-Exempt Organization
Testamentary Trust
Title Dispute
Trial – Civil
Trial – Probate
Trust Contest
Trust Litigation
Will Contest
Will Litigation

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